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meta-erlang documentation

Build what matters

meta-erlang provides many recipes for common services made with Erlang/OTP and Elixir. And it's also possible to integrate your own application into meta-erlang and Yocto Project. Building and delivering what is relevante to support your use case.

BEAM Ecosystem friendly

Not only the two biggest BEAM-based language (Elixir and Erlang) are supported. You can develop your project using any BEAM language.

Powered by The Yocto Project

meta-erlang layer brings BEAM to Yocto Project ecosystem. You can use other layers to integrate and build custom solutions.


Not only for embedded

The Yocto Project is famous for building custom Linux distribution for embedded context. But is also possible to build distros for bare metal servers, cloud and custom SDKs (Software Development Kit).

Multiple architecture ready

Develop your product supporting as many architecture you needed. It's easy to change from x86-32 to AArch64 and test it using QEMU. Others architecture are supported as well.